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Why use PollyWeb? Can’t we just do this on Facebook etc?

PollyWeb was designed a number of years ago with a single intention, to make politics in Australia accessible to anyone for the absolute minimum cost. To build a community of people hell bent on bringing Australia back to being an all inclusive country that looks after everyone regardless of their income, stature or level of celebrity.

Facebook and Other social-media utilise aggressive active marketing schemes to raise money and to track your every move online. PollyWeb is designed to be a transparent interface, built on the original non-invasive approach utilised in the early internet days.

PollyWeb uses email to only market it’s own platform and content, and the only ads that you will see on PollyWeb are not tailored to you by your internet search’s or browsing history, but are chosen by admins, because we think they add some potential value to the site or it’s users, it’s development and ability to be maintained.

The subscription cost of $5 a Month is so we do NOT have too use other forms of advertising for as long as possible. It also allows us to regulate and validate our members as real people who are truly invested in change.

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