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Welcome to the PollyWeb National Portal. From here you can connect to the Ballot box and vote on current bills and legislation, vote on sociopolitical polls and political pulse polls. Also from this page you can access the PollyWeb PolicyShaper and Political Q&A where you can debate, discuss, share, inform and educate yourself and others and also be part of developing people based policy that can better provide existing political parties with more appropriate policy concepts.

You SUGGEST A Socio-Political Poll that is relevant to politics today, and we’ll make it up and post it for you to share for free. We call these Democracy Polls. 


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The ODDP uses the PollyWeb to uphold it's constitutional obligations to it's members. Using the PollyWeb to determine the peoples consensus and reporting this directly to parliament.
Support the majority decisions as defined by PollyWeb Ballots & Polls(100%)
Is a party made up of normal everyday people.(100%)
NO PARTY LINES and NO Executive Overriding Powers(100%)
A platform that allows everyday people to get re-involved in politics in Australia.

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3500+ Public Votes in PollyWebs ``Who Would You Vote For Today`` Jan 2017
  • Re: Asylum seekers & Refugee Policy Concepts.
    One – Stop the Wars! Two – End the supply of munitions and arms into every war zone Three – Start an Arms for Aid program Four – Take in as many refugees as it takes for them to be safe for a ye…

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