- The New Consensus Project -
Let Us Decide Together

Australian Polly's givin' you the sh%#s, then lets start making some decisions ourselves, let's keep the bastards honest!

It’s True, Almost 95% of Australian Politicians are only there to get paid,collect a taxpayer funded pension then move on to a corporate job somewhere through one of their parties donors!!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Discuss the current issues
in Australia
Come up with ideas
that can change Australia
Vote on Legislation, Your Ideas
Your Concepts and Demand change.

Current Ballots Open For Your Input

Lies, Corruption, Pandering to the Big End of town...

The People can take control, just by working out what the majority wants, then we can make the decision referendum style.
Are You Ready To Make A Stand And Be Counted?
Sooo, WTF is PollyWeb?

This is PollyWeb. It’s been here before, but due to the powers that be, was shut down. Now we’re back!

The new “Consesus Project” is a fundamental plan to spend the next 3 years developing PollyWeb into a political force to be reckoned with. Building a community of democratically minded people, working together, to develop a consensus on how the nation could, should and would be run if true democracy was in place.

Once a consensus is found on all the major issues, a group of independents and minor parties can work together using the PollyWeb to truly represent their constituents based on the outcomes from the PollyWeb system

But we can’t do it alone, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication from YOU.

This site is just a means to bring us all together

We need to stop wasting time arguing on Facebook posts, looking at fluffy cats, stop window licking on Instagram and Snap-Chat, it’s time to make a real contribution to Australia’s future.

For far too long we’ve let these bastard polly’s call the shots whilst ignoring the people, making decisions that only benefit themselves or their cashed up donors.

Isn’t it time we take a few minutes each day to vote on the major issues that face the country and make a stands against this ongoing abuse of out trust in their representation of us.

For free you can be a part of our community, vote on ballots, make connections and follow topics, keeping track of the major issues facing the country.

For less than a cup of coffee a month you can be a mover and shaker in the PollyWeb ranks, and Vote on formal Ballots, Legislation, Policy and enter discussions and debate with fellow Aussies on the best way forward for our combined future.

Come on Aussies, Come on. Lets grow a set and stand up and be counted, be part of something more than the flavor of the day, and come with us on a journey of real change for the future of democracy in this country.

Do it for your kids, your family, for yourself for Australia’s future.

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